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With TicketsToTheCity (TTTC) it’s easy for you to sell tickets from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Because you have an event to worry about, we made TicketsToTheCity incredibly easy to use – for both you and your customers. Just add the TTTC link to your website, and your dedicated TTTC rep will take care of everything else, including set-up, weekly payments and terrific customer service for you and your patrons. We even send ticket buyers a reminder email on the day of the show.

With TicketsToTheCity, it’s easy for your customers to buy tickets from any computer, tablet or smartphone, giving you more time to focus on another successful event.

Less work
for you

With TicketsToTheCity it's easy for your customers to buy tickets from their phone, tablet or computer and that means you'll have more time to manage your event.

Services with
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Customer Service

Your box office is closed more than it’s open. With TTTC, your customers get the convenience of buying tickets online – anytime of the day or night using any device.

Technical Support

Our service is so simple and user-friendly, you may never need technical support. But if you do, our support is fast, friendly, super helpful, and comes at no extra cost.

Ticket Barcoding
and Scanning

TTTC works in your box office, too. If needed, we can provide you access to credit card readers and barcode scanners. We also offer an app in the Apple App Store so you can scan tickets with an iPhone —all for free.

Website Administration

Don’t have the time or personnel to set up your TTTC page? We are more than happy to help. Just email our web administrators with dates, prices and other information, and we’ll take care of it.


What good is our solution if you don’t know how to use it? We ensure that you and your staff get the training you need to get the most out of TicketsToTheCity.

Virtual Box Office

If you need to take credit cards over the phone or in person, TTTC also provides a Virtual Box Office service that is also free. It’s easy, simple to use and saves you having to pay for a credit card merchant account.

A Few More
Free Features

  • Sell single, group or season tickets – general admission or reserved seating – and keep 100% of the ticket price.
  • Set up donation options to encourage community support.
  • Generate customized coupons and discount codes, and track redemption patterns.
  • Download a simple Excel spreadsheet list of best customers, mailing lists and sales reports – by date range, by event, by type of sale and more.
  • TTTC is constantly improving based on feedback and suggestions from you and your customers.
  • If you use a Zebra or Boca printer, we will set up a free template for you.
  • Use our auditing feature to analyze ticket sales.

Let's Talk Money

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No hidden fees.

When you use TicketsToTheCity, only a low standard service charge is paid by the ticket buyer.

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TicketsToTheCity is the no-hassle, no-drama and no-cost-to-you ticketing service you've been looking for. Whether you need more information or are ready to get started, please give us a call at 866-499-2787, send us an email at or complete this no-obligation form and click "send."